Being woman in her deepest ontological connotation is the underlying theme of the series of portraits of Stefania Ormas. The artist stops the immediacy of a moment and collect the body of women in the foreground reconstructing the naturalness of everyday life and letting the eyes of the protagonists capture the curiosity of the observer . Aided by a warm light , the limits of sensuality , the brush strokes stretch point , outlining the soft curves of the subjects .



Stefania Ormas, originally from Puglia, lives and works in Padua. Self-taught for a long time, alongside an intense personal production he obtained a degree in painting at the International Art School of Terni.







awarded at the "Women in Cinema 2017" competition at the Castello di Calenzano Florence


2008 special contribution to the award via Nazareth di Barletta


2006 awarding of praise to the award via Nazareth di Barletta